How to Remove Grease Stains from Clothes

Oil Stain Removal

You had a spill and now you need to know how to remove grease stains from clothes. You can go with a dry cleaner, specialized cleaner like Shout or these DIY tips. It can be very difficult and depending several factors, such as, the type of grease (automotive grease? cooking oil? butter?) and the type of material, how long ago it happened, etc.

Here are some videos that will show you how to remove grease stains from your shirt, sweater, pants or any other clothing it might have stained.

Remove oil stain

Over the counter:

Diy How to Cleaning – What you will need:
baking soda
dish detergent

Not all the tips will work with all types of clothing. For example, you would not want to scrub a cashmere sweater with a toothbrush. Keep in mind the cleaning instructions for the fabric you are cleaning. If you are not sure, take it to a professional dry cleaner (a natural one if possible).

Never put stained clothes in a dryer, because it will set the stain.

Last ditch effort

remove oil stain

If you find oil spots on your carpet, you can check out how to remove grease stains from rugs.