Remove Wine Stain

This video reveals the fastest and easiest way to remove wine stain from fabric. Well actually there are several videos, each showing a different tip or technique. See which one works best for you. If you spilled wine on your jacket, pants, shirt or blouse – the following videos are for you. Click the link if you need red wine stain removal tips for carpeting or rugs.

Thank you Jonathan Stewart for this red wine stain removal video:

Here is another video to remove wine stain from P. Allen Smith from eHow at Home:

Video reveals how to clean a red wine stain from dry clean only fabric:
Remember it is always best to leave dry clean fabrics to the professionals.


So there you go, you now know how to clean this difficult spot. If you got any on your carpet or rug, check out these helpful cleaning tips by clicking the link at the top of the page.