Commercial Carpet Cleaning Massachusetts

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Boston Ma and Beyond


Commercial carpet cleaning may be more important than you think because the cleanliness of your carpets reflects the level of your professionalism in your clients mind. Have you ever walked into a business, and felt something just was not right but you couldn’t put your finger on it? There is a good chance you subconscious mind picked up an uncleanness in the carpet or a slight bad odor coming from the carpet.

People rarely notice clean carpets, but trust me, they will notice unclean carpets.

Your carpets are the first thing your customers, clients, vendors, and your staff see. Our goal is to make your business look like a success.


Health and Productivity

Clean carpets not only improve moral, but also help with the health of your employees.

According to a recent study, a whopping 94 percent of workers reported feeling more productive in a clean workspace. And when time is money, you want your employees to be operating up to their full potential. Sick days cost U.S. companies $117 billion last year in lost productivity and revenue.

Improperly maintained carpets can negatively impact the health of your employees, often resulting on headaches, runny noses, allergies and other respiratory problems… Carpets that have not been properly cleaned can trap dust, and dust mite allergens and bacteria which can reduce the quality of work, lower productivity levels, increase overall stress levels, and cause more health problems.

Reduce worker absenteeism and improve moral by keeping your carpets, upholstered paneling and chairs clean and healthy.


High Rise Building Accessibility

The Cleaning Network features state-of-the-art portable cleaning equipment, techniques and cleaning products that allows you to receive the same top quality, professional carpet cleaning whether you are a Cambridge restaurant on the first floor or a large brokerage firm on the top floor of a building in Boston.

Maintenance Plan

From complete annual cleanings to thorough monthly cleanings, The Cleaning Network can build a carpet cleaning maintenance plan to perfectly fit your company’s needs. It is an economical way to maintain an excellent appearance level for carpeting. A carpet maintance program avoids the highs and lows associated with using only restorative cleaning. With maintenance system stains will not be allowed to accumulate and the carpet will not only look better, it will be healthier and last longer.


Safety and Less Downtime

One of the benefits of our cleaning process is its ability to dry the carpet quickly. This gives people the opportunity to walk on it immediately and there is less of a chance for slipping or falling.


Expanded Coverage

We have been providing commercial carpet cleaning in the Greater Boston area and the North Shore for over twenty years and have recently expanded our coverage West to including Waltham, Framingham, Newton, Marlborough and Worcester. Call to see if we cover your area.


In Closing

Clean carpets can improve productivity, sales and even the well being of those in the workplace.  Let us design an individualized plan for your specific needs.

Call 781-286-8600 and ask for Christopher Wales – Commercial Cleaning Specialist