How To Remove Ketchup Stain from Carpet

Not only will we show you how to remove a ketchup stain from carpet, but you can use these tips for many tomato type stains.

Oh those red spills. As tough as red stains go, ketchup, tomato sauce and gravy spills are not as bad as you might think because they are usually red naturally. It is the red dyes that can be impossible.

Let’s say you are having friends over for dinner and someone drops their plate of pasta all over your white Berber carpet…or it’s lunch time and the kids are having a food fight with ketchup laden french fries and it’s all over you new area rug…now what do you do?

So how do you remove ketchup spots or tomato sauce spills from a carpet or rug?

Watch the free video online for diy tips and how to help for removing these type of stains.

If you are not seeing results or the carpet starts to look damaged, call for help right away.